My 33rd Birthday


Since this morning is my 33rd birthday, I’m doing 3 things that Lisa will love: 1) errands, 2) cleaning the house, and 3) writing a “to do” list (of sorts.)  While I’m not a huge list-maker, Lisa makes lists for everything, ranging from what she needs to do for deacon meetings to home repairs that we need to finish to clothing needs for the boys.

I’m not quite so organized with my planning, though, and tend to write down ideas whenever they pop into my head.  Sometimes, these ideas go on the back of a receipt (which is why my nightstand is full of little pieces of paper), sometimes they make it into a page of my Moleskin notebook, and sometimes they make their way into a blog post.

Recently, my cousin Alice moved to Michigan, and she’s moved into a house with Emily, a pretty cool landlord/roommate who’s been blogging about as long as Alice (and now even has an incredibly cool blogging/archiving job for Turnstone Furniture, a division of Steelcase.)  Anyways, I checked Emily’s personal blog a little while back to make sure she’s a good roommate for Alice (she is!) and one of Emily’s pages inspired me to add my own.  Emily’s posted her “bucket list/life goals” as a “Dreams {Slowly Becoming Reality}” page, and I thought it would be a good idea to compile my goals/dreams/plans into a similar list (a great excuse to sort through those receipts, look back through this blog, and re-read my Moleskins!)

Since I’m turning 33 today, I’m going to pare down the list to 33 dreams for now.

About Ryan

Aspiring Renaissance man who's pretty good at a lot of things, but not great at any one thing. Interests range from homesteading (gardening, cooking, preserving) to popular culture (music, design, movies) to outdoors (camping, hiking, mountain biking) to faith (community development, urban renewal, social justice) to education (reform, leadership, advocacy). Wanna-be foodie-outdoorsman-designer-hipster-hippie-homesteader.

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